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In-Game Rules and Regulations

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In-Game Rules and Regulations

Post  OneSix on Thu Jun 18, 2009 8:08 am

Please enjoy playing and follow some simple rules. =]

1. Respect the Admin and the GM’s.

2. Hacking, duping or using Bug Exploits will result ban.

3. If you want to report anything, send some SS ( Screen Shot ) to prove it.

4. Do not give your userID/password information to other players.

5. Do not ask items/gold or buying/selling/trading/events to any Admin or GM’s.

6. Do not ask Admin or Gm’s to remove your PK stats.

7. Do not make guilds with Admin & GM’s.

8. Rising Force RAN does not favor any persons /race / religion.

9. Use of any type of hacks / bugs is strictly forbidden.

10. Admin’s do not favor any persons / groups on the server, they are completely neutral.

11. Insults addressed to other players are forbidden. ( SS if needed )

12. Insults addressed to admin / GM’s will not be tolerated. (1st WARNING, 2nd TEMPORARY BAN, 3rd ACCOUNT DELETE)
13. No AFK allowed.

14. Do not make fake Admin’s /GM’s guilds like: *ADMIN* *GM* or similar.

15. Do not make characters with fake Admin/GM names or similar.

16. PK (Player Kill) is allowed in all places.

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